Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Pretend It's About Anything But The Girlie Pictures

I am a red blooded American male, and like most testosterone driven creatures love beautiful women. I have been very blessed to be married to one for 10 years. But like they say, "I'm married, not dead." However, to assume that this latest publishing experiment by Beckett Media is anything but their version of SI's Swimsuit Issue is a joke. But that's exactly what they would have you believe with comments like this:

"But appreciating cheerleaders is about so much more than ogling pretty women in skimpy outfits in between plays. It’s about admiring unconditional support of the home team and the true talent and athleticism of the cheerleaders themselves and about what they give back to their respective communities."

"Sure, there’s no shortage of stunning photography in the magazine’s 80 full-color pages. But there’s also a compelling feature story on the proud history of cheer leading that includes an interview with Judy Trammell, the longtime choreographer of the famed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders."

"I hope you enjoy the magazine, and not just because of all the pretty pictures. If that’s all you know about cheerleaders, you’re missing a lot."

I don't know, sounds kind of desperate to me. If those things really were true, why the need to sell it so hard with that angle?

I can't just hear the banter in the boardroom now.

Talking head #1:
"We need a title like Maxim, even Sports Illustrated has the Swimsuit Issue and even ESPN is getting in on the skin game with this Body issue or whatever. any ideas?"

Talking head #2:
"Well we know how poorly those creepy cards of half dressed baseball players did in that Score release back in the '90's, so I think we should find some other angle. TNT and the WWE have their own magazines, . . um . . . . I know Cheerleaders. Everybody loves Cheerleaders, right?"

Talking Head #1:
"Great idea. Go with it! Too bad one of the card companies can't get in on the act so we have some sort of way to spin this so it fits into our sports collectibles portfolio."

Which makes this post suddenly make more sense. Is This The Greatest Football Insert Ever?

Listen, I work in media and publishing, albeit, in a B2B capacity and not B2C, ad pages are down EVERYWHERE, publishing companies have not fully been able to monetize electronic media yet, I get it. Anything that can sell ad pages today is important to a company's prosperity.

BUT and I mean a BIG but, don't pretend that it's about anything other than capitalizing on the fact that sex appeal sells.

So all that said, will you buy it?


Shaun said...

Beckett's verbage about the magazine would be much more believeable and respected if the headline didn't mention the hottest NFL cheerleaders ever.

It might be an interesting magazine to read if they cover cheerleader collectibles, history, activities, etc. The cover leads one to believe that "hot" pictures will be the main focus though.

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