Friday, October 30, 2009

How World Series Dominance Equates to Increased Demand

Cliff Lee's performance in the opening game of the 105th World Series, this past Wednesday night, was a remarkable and unprecedented achievement. No earned runs, 10 strike-outs and no walks in a complete game, six-hitter. If that wasn't enough, it was on the ROAD against the purchased line-up of the New York Yankees.

A former Cy Young award winner, Lee, like many players left to rot on a small market team, received little fan fare or collector love as a Cleveland Indian. That might be changing, especially if he can contribute to another Phillies win during the Series.

Topps and Upper Deck missed the boat in 2002 and Cliff Lee did not have a Bowman, Bowman Chrome or Star Rookie released until 2003.

His true rookie cards were produced by Donruss in 2002 in several brands, with Best of Donruss' Fan Club and Donruss Elite being the most popular. Both have autographs but as you can see in the images below, an otherwise nice design of the Fan Club card is ruined by the arbitrary (and crooked) labeling of the autograph.

The Donruss elite pictured below is numbered to just 25 copies and this one recently sold on eBay for an astonishing $250.

There is nothing like a little post season dominance for collectors to show a little for a player once relegated to the $1 bin.


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