Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Math Behind the High Rollers- 2009-10 Exquisite Style

By now, many of you have seen or at least heard or read about the group of high rollers in the Phillipines that go by Attyball23 on YouTube and eBay. They have broken HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS of Exquisite since it's original release and the latest has been no exception.

To be exact, a minimum of 42 cases. Currently, Blowout Cards has cases for $1,900, which is the cheapest I could find them for. On the comments section for their videos, they are asked where they get them, and they say various sources, none, factory direct. So let's assume this is true and the sellers provide a generous 10-20% discount. That would put the case price in the range of $1,520-$1,710.

So multiplied by 42 cases

Equals between $63,840 - $71,820 of product.

What's it like to bust that much product in about an hour? Well you'll have to watch the videos for yourself. But if you have that kind of money, you probably aren't worried about recouping your money. Or are you?

There are 15 cards per case, multiplied by 42 cases is 630 total cards.

They have about 200 completed auctions and another 160 active.

Current sales totals of their 09-10 Exquisite break is at, approximately, $14,596 with the highest sale being $1,200 for this Michael Jordan/LeBron James, Dual Patch Auto #'d /23.

So let's generously say the active lisitings go for equal to the completed batch. That's a total of roughly $29k on approximatley 360 cards, still leaving about 270 cards either, to still be listed, retained in personal collections, or a combination there-of. For the sake of this math "experiment" let's say they list the remaining cards, and again, the sales totals generously equal the first batch or another $29k making the grand total $58K.

Let's also account for my bad math at 1am, a few cards going for bigger dollars and add a 10% cushion, bringing it up to $63,800. How does that compare to our original cost estimates?

$63,840 - $71,820

So if we use this range on the cost side of and subtract the hypothetical "return", we come out with a NET (Loss) of between $40 and $8,020

For just over an hour of high thrills, high stakes, pack ripping.

I know it's not about making money or breaking even at this level of expenditure, but I would really like to know the real numbers behind this insane practice.


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