Saturday, October 3, 2009

Product Review- 2009 Bowman Chrome Baseball

It would be nice to think that with Topps new exclusive MLB license, that 2009 Bowman Chrome baseball, would serve as a stepping stone for returning this once great brand to prominence and Hobby glory in 2010. Once subtitled as “The Home of the Rookie Card”, Bowman and particularly Bowman Chrome, was at one time nearly synonymous with the phrase “most coveted rookie card”. Several factors have played into Bowman Chrome losing some of its edge in recent years, most notably being the changes that MLB, and its player’s union, made in defining a rookie. These rules of course ushered in the dreaded “Rookie Card Logo” era. Consequently, strict criteria now determine who can be labeled as a rookie and created a thriving market for prospects fed by the likes of Tri-Star and Razor. What resulted was a convoluted brand image for Bowman and its counterparts Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.

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