Friday, October 2, 2009

Product Review- SP Game Used Basketball

Ah, SP Game-Used Basketball. I have a storied history with this product. Over the years I have grown to both loathe and love it. Consistently one of the most popular and loaded boxes of Upper Deck Basketball Cards, it has provided me with many of my best and some of my worst box-breaking experiences over the past 10 years. With the 2009-10 edition, I expected great things. I wasn’t sure if UD would just start dumping NBA gear and graphs into products, seeing as they no longer have the rights to produce officially-licensed cards, but I figured odds were good that they’d make it a quality product. It would be a good idea to leave collectors with something to remember the legacy of this particular brand. When you combine the UD Spokesmen, the stars of the NBA and tons of game-used gear with plenty of autographs, it’s should be an easy homerun, but this year, the good hits have been pretty scarce in our UD basketball box breaks.

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