Saturday, October 31, 2009

When Bowman ISN'T Home of the Rookie Card

Continuing to look at the World Series and it's players through baseball cards, another player benefiting from his time on the big stage is Mark Teixeira. As a longtime anchor in the Texas Rangers lineup, his career has reached new heights since joining the Yankees. His is a big bat on a team loaded with them, transalating to pitchers no longer having the luxury of pitching around him in the order. For collectors who covet a players' Bowman Chrome RC, they'll have to settle for his second year card as his real RC's can be found in a wide array of 2001 products none of which are of the Bowman variety.

One of his more popular RC's from that year is the Upper Deck SPx RC Auto. Current listings show a wide range in pricing from high to low, with the average asking price above $300. Also of note is that this card can be very hard to find ungraded.

For those of us without deep pockets a quality alernative is the non-autographed SP Authentic. However, again, this card can be hard to find raw and if you do, expect to pay about $50.


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