Monday, November 9, 2009

For Those Keeping Score At Home . . .

. . . your 2010 licensed sports cards will be produced by these companies as follows:

Baseball- Topps

Basketball- Panini

Hockey- Upper Deck

Football- Panini and Upper Deck

Collegiate Athletics- Upper Deck

Of course, these recent licensing announcements and realignment of the market don't take into account the amount of unlicensed product that collectors will be inundated with.

Is it possible that even though we have a stream lining of the licensing agreements we could actually end up with MORE cards than in recent years. Imagine the scenario where every manufacturer says, "Screw it." and start making unlicensed cards for all 4 sports.

It sure will be interesting to say the least.


Joe S. said...

Is there a limit to how long a company can produce "2009" cards? I mean, stuff is STILL coming out for this season... so we'll get stuff like 2009 Sweet Spot version 2.0...

I'm sure there's an in-writing calendar date after which Upper Deck can no longer produce licensed baseball cards, but it'd be funny if such a loophole existed.

Anonymous said...

Topps could take the Fleer route of the 1970s and own rights to the NFL logos, wouldn't that be something or they can sign individual players to contracts and keep them out of Upper Deck Set. Remember 1992, when Dan Marino, Jim Kelly where not in regular base brands. Can you imagine an 2010 Upper Deck Football Cards withoout Logos and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

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