Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Hate Joe Morgan Even More Now

Never mind that he is a pompous arrogant ass, that treats the veterans committee of the Hall of Fame as his own little boys club. Or that the talking head of ESPN Sunday night baseball honestly believes he is the greatest second baseman of all time. But this has to be the single dumbest "collectible" ever. I really hope nobody buys this.

What are they? Hand made throw pillows made from game worn jerseys. Grey Flannel Auctions has all the details.


Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

From Facebook:

Joe Cuevas
Unfortunately some dip will buy them. At least it's not a Reds jersey.
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Jon WaldmanIf he's marketing at as a collectible he's going after the wrong market.

There's a group in Winnipeg that does something similar, called Jersey Chair Co. They will take your jersey, be it game-used or replica, and make a padded chair with it. I've sat in them and they're very cool. They also do foot rests etc.

They market it to the sports fan though, not the collector.
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Steve Gierman I NEVER want to be that close to something that touched Joe Morgan's sweat. Eww! At least they didn't destroy a Colt .45 jersey for this crap.
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Sooz said...

i am laughing at Steve's comment.

Tony said...

Man oh man, I can't believe this. I still have a hard time dealing with jersey cards and bat cards. This has to be one of the stupidest ideas I have seen. I'm still waiting to see someone's game used jock turned into a collectible ashtray or candy dish..

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