Sunday, November 15, 2009

Michelle Wie Makes It Official

Michelle Wie won her first professional tournament on the LPGA this weekend. At one time, the corresponding Tiger Woods SI for Kids RC commanded HUGE $. With her pre-tour hype, young age, media savvy and Madison Avenue looks, do you think this cards value will rise, fall, or stay flat in the near future? You can see the current (eFee) Ebay listing here.

To date, Michelle currently has no certified autograph cards, the few autograph items she does have, are of the framed variety. Knowing the popularity of golf and its players, coupled with the collector interest once commanded for the likes of the iconic 2001 SP Authentic set, I wonder if Upper Deck would be willing to consider re-engaging in that aspect of The Hobby given the recent licensing debacles the company has had to endure.


Twitch said...

Man I hope so. Their golf cards from early this decade were hella tight.

The Big Kahuna said...

I don't want no cards....Give me Wie instead....SMOKIN!

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