Monday, November 23, 2009

New MLB Rookie Card Logo to Debut in 2010

It's still on the front of the card, which I hate, but it's a start. As you can see from the recently released preview images of 2010 Heritage, the new RC logo has been downsized and made to incorporate the MLB logo and color scheme. What do you think?

Or will it be this one? Hmm two different RC logos on the image mock-ups for the 2010 Topps Heritage sell sheet.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I dig it. I like that it's got the MLB color scheme and the logo.

Sooz said...

I was so confused at first because I thought it was the big yellow star and I was like WTF!

But then I realized I needed more sleep and saw the lil one on the bottom. I like it.

deal said...

It may depend on the card the Red white and blue looks too crisp to be on a Heritage card. The old one was too big but it was less loud or something - loud isn't the right word maybe I mean clash. yes it clashes with the rest of the card.

Drop The Gloves! said...

It's not the greatest, but it could've been worse. I just wish they'd nix it altogether; with only one company making baseball cards this year, there is little need to signify what is a true rookie.

Anonymous said...

I love MLB rookie card logo. I like the new logo that is on top. There is something about those cards with the logo that are collectible and old fashion. Topps has been putting a logo on their Football cards the last couple of years.

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