Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One of the Greatest Inserts Ever

Back in 1998, just as the memorabilia and autograph craze began to take off, unique inserts ruled the day. Requiring innovative designs, and a premium checklist, player collectors in particular had far more to chase than just base cards. Inserted into Topps flagship brand, Series 1, were these Etch-A-Sketch cards. Seeded 1:36 pack, the insert set featured some of the games biggest stars including Bonds, Ripken, Griffey, and Thomas to name a few. I recently picked this one up for my Ripken Collection.

Interesting to note on the back of the card is this kid, George Vlosich III, 18 at the time, he is the artist behind the whole set. Now 11-years later, George has created quite a name for himself. You can check out more of this dudes truly amazing work here. He has done numerous athletes, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and more.


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