Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Thoughts by The VOTC

Jimmie Johnson is amazing. I'm not the biggest NASCAR fan as my auto racing loyalties reside with the open wheeled variety, i.e. Indy and F1. However, having all but locked up his 4th consecutive NASCAR Cup, he MUST be included in any discussion about great athletes and achievements in our sports lifetime. The pending crowning of #4 is unprecedented in motor-sports.

Bengals are legit, period. Season sweeps of Baltimore and Pittsburgh. No one predicted that. No one.

Patriots vs Colts. Gutsy, stupid call. So Mr. Hoody basically sent the biggest message of no confidence to his defense last night. As a hater of all things Boston and New York, 2 words- Ha Ha

Michell Wie- It took her 65 tries but she finally broke through with her first career LPGA tournament victory. She is only 20. Anybody remember how old Tiger was when he one his first? Yes, 20. However he accomplished the feat in 2/3 less tries.

Taco Bell's Black Taco is over-rated. But the advertising campaign worked.

Talk about way too many products. Have you been in a comic books store lately?

Brett Favre is still amazing. Talk about still having it.

Original six rivalries in the NHL have been killed thanks to commissioner Gary Bettman. His quest for league expansion has taken the history right out of the game. Let the new teams develop their own rivalries. Division opponent or not, the Original 6 should each play each other 4x per year.

If baseball is the sound track of summer does winter even have one?

The Chicago Bears had their best game in weeks yesterday.

Modern Warfare 2 lives up to the hype.

Winter Olympics- Do you care?

Please fire Charlie Wiese. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are brutal and have turned into a bad joke.

How does Lebron James planned jersey number change impact his card values?

Should Upper Deck get back into golf?


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