Monday, November 2, 2009

So Much For the 45-Day Redemption Policy

As originally reported by Sports Collectors Daily on July 22nd, 2007, Upper Deck promised to deliver collectors a more streamlined redemption process with a turnaround time targeted for no more than 45 days. If a card is still unavailable the collector has the option of contacting a local retailer that is also a Preferred Redemption Center to request an exchanges. Sound like a bit of a hassle, doesn't it.

Anyway, I was entering my Herman Miller Auto for redemption from 200/10 UD Basketball when I saw that I was still waiting for THIS card:

So, what should I do, OR what would you do? Should I wait or attempt this whole exchange service? Do any of you have any experience with this?

It's a kick ass card. What would be an equivalent? A check of the Product Info page on the Upper Deck website doesn't even show this card. So does that mean the listed cards are the ones available? If so only 1 other card had a print run of 25, but what if I don't want Thurman Thomas?


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