Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking DNA Relics To A New Low or Seriously, What’s Up With the Japanese? Part 2

I first learned about this fairly disturbing Japanese trading card product (un)thankfully to this post at WaxHeaven in the midst of my daily tour of the sports card blogsphere. A vintage collection of Playboy magazines is one thing but this product is distasteful at best and tragic at worst.

Why do I bring this up? Well, anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows I am a big fan of the box-topper. Not the foil wrapped parallel or insert that manufacturers try to pass off as value added but some of the ones mentioned in this post. In fact search the blog for box topper and you will find 5 related posts. However, this takes the idea of box-toppers to a perverted new low.

Yes, those are photo-shoot worn panties and no, I didn't actively go looking for this. On Twitter I follow @tradingcards and a couple of other eFee (eBay) sellers to keep a quick daily pulse of the secondary market. So imagine my surprise when I saw this Tweet.

This got me to thinking; Benchwarmer is and has been a very popular and successful non-trading card manufacturer for years with it's roster of busty bikini clad beauties and yet they have never crossed the line that this product did with this piece.

So as eloquently stated by Mario, "Seriously, what is up with the (perversion of) the Japanese?


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