Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Will Be The Hottest Rookie Card From All Sports

Hockey collectors, are a rabid bunch. The comparably smaller niche market results in lower print runs of product and creates an environment on the secondary market that can only be described as a feeding frenzy. Collectors all have their favorite products but when it comes to hockey, SPx, is undoubtedly and unquestionably the most sought after product for a players rookie card. Johnny Tavares, has a bright future ahead of him and the hype and anticipation of his entry into the NHL has been long awaited by serious students of the game.
For a complete preview and image gallery of 2009-10 SPx Hockey, click here. (Courtesy of UD's Facebook page)


thehamiltonian said...

SPx is weakening in demand, I find. It was one of the first jersey/autos, but it hasn't pregressed. The use of sticker autographs hurts it as well.

It does come out first, though which is always a mark in its favour.

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