Friday, November 6, 2009

Way Too Many Prospect Products

Just when you thought we might get a respite from the plethora of baseball prospect products, Panini recently announced the return of Elite Extra Edition. The complete details were released here. Actually, they were released to Beckett Sucks first and then there. Also, if you didn't get your fill of Pete Rose cards last year, fear not, he will be included in the product as well.

I might be in the minority but enough already. I hate exclusives but if it means downsizing the number of products delivered in the form of Razor, Just Minors, Bowman and it numerous cousins, Elite Extra Edition and next year UD with the whole collegiate licensing exclusive, I'm all for it.

Enough with prospect products by the truck load, enough of the World Baseball Classic, enough, enough, enough, already. I am so sick of opening packs full of guys I've never heard of and need to be sitting next to a computer to Google them to learn they play for the Taipei National Team or is a sophmore at Stanford.

And again, note to Upper Deck, if I see a Little League World Series card in any product next year, I quit.


Shane said...

He has Shane Victorino's double-sided helmet!

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