Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Yankees WILL Win the Series- But It Ain't Just the Money, Honey

Sure it helps. It helps big time. But the FACTS are, that it will only be the 3rd time since 1999 and the 1st time since 2000 that the World Series has been won by the team with the highest payroll. In FACT, it will be only the 5th time out of the last 11 World Series that a team in the top 7 payrolls will have one.

I bring this up because there has been a lot of jawing about the Yankees buying the World Series. I suppose that's one cynical way to look at it, but the FACT is, they have had the highest payroll, since what, the beginning of the sport? Have they won every World Series? No.

This year the Phillies are ranked 7th in team payroll with $113,004,046 to the Yankees $201,449,189 for a disparity of $88,445,143, or basically, a little more than 50% of C.C Sabbathia's 7-year, $161M contract.
Here is the breakdown since 1999. Enjoy the game regardless!


Dave said...

They will want to wrap it up tonight - they won't want it to go to seven.

MarieBay said...

well said.

Adam Krueger said...

How can you say, a team with the highest payroll has ONLY won the World Series 3 times since 1999?!? Three times in 10 years? I'd say that's a pretty high success rate. If you look at it even more closely, you realize that teams with the top 2 payrolls have won the World Series 5 times in the past 10 years! If that doesn't show you that yes, money can buy you championships, I don't know what does.

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