Thursday, December 10, 2009

The "Real" RC Debate Continues and Gives Rise to the Non-RC Card Logo

While looking over a sell sheet for 2010 Finest Baseball, I noticed this Buster Posey Autographed Letter Patch Rookie Card on the left. So where does it leave his previous Letterman Patch Auto from Razor?
This is why exclusive licensing in MiLB made sense. If MLB was going to go to a single license (with which I disagree ENTIRELY) then it only made sense to do the same with the MILB license as well.

Now, savvy collector know that the real RC Letter Patch Auto is the one on the left. Why? Because it has the cute new RC Card Logo. My question, does the presence of this logo make it any less confusing for a kid, fan, or casual collector in determining which is the real rookie card? Maybe we need a Non-RC logo card. Obviously I'm kidding. Goodbye Razor, we hardly knew thee.


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