Monday, January 4, 2010

Guest Post- World Juniors: Team Canada vs Team USA

Team USA has already proved something in the 2010 World Junior Championships

Before this tournament began I went on a few shows and now correctly picked the final between Team USA and Team Canada and now I will have to live with my pick of Canada winning the gold. Does Team USA have a chance? Absolutely they do but when push comes to shove I believe two players will make the difference for Canada, Taylor Hall (expected #1 pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft) and Jordan Eberle (Edmonton).The US team has guaranteed themselves a silver and that’s terrific. The last time they gained a medal on Canadian ice was in 1986 when they got a bronze in Hamilton. That’s progress. But when I look at the rosters, and trust me stats don’t mean a hill of beans in a one-game contest, I think Eberle’s clutch goals which have continued and Hall’s blazing speed and scoring touch as of late will be too much for the Red, White and Blue.


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