Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Weep For The Future or Cards That Make Me Angry or Why I Might Boycott Topps in 2010

Pick a title, anyone would have worked. I'm fed up, had it and the prospect of more of this crap "exclusively" produced for all of the 2010 collecting season has me close to calling for a collector wide boycott of Topps baseball cards. I about had a coronary after realizing this card is not Chipper Jones but supposed to be Babe Ruth. Please God, tell me this is a typo. In typical fascist collusion Topps provided Beckett (sucks) an exclusive preview of 2010's National Chicle Baseball. When I saw it pop up on my Google Reader, I paid it no attention, simply commenting in to myself, "Oh. another poorly reproduced, retro/art themed product." It wasn't until seeing the post by A Cardboard Problem, that I realized that bad Chipper Jones card was actually an atrocious Ruth. You can go find the rest of the checklist and an preview for yourself, I'll be damned if I am going to do Beckett (sucks) any favors by actually linking to this garbage.

In what should be a golden opportunity for Topps to showcase why they have been the godfather of cardboard for the last 50+ years, instead the stage has been set with one horrible product after another to close out the 2009 collecting season. in fact I can't think of a worse consecutive string of product releases. Let's review.

Ticket to Stardom- Over-priced Franken-crap

Unique- Uniquely awful, absolutely nothing unique, innovative, or value worthy

Triple Threads- Don't get me started.

Tribute- A once great product that helped usher in the high-end era reduced to a cookie cutter design, mass produced with a sticker dump and single color relics.

We'll see if Sterling continues the string of utter failure. Oh and I almost forgot. The most confusing, redundant, useless product of all-time Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. In a move by the league to add clarity to what defines a rookie card, Topps instead chooses to thumb it's nose at the league and produce the 1st Bowman Card crap.

Now as if all that wasn't bad enough, Topps ushers in the new year and their "exclusive right to produce crappy baseball cards" with Chicle. As if the worst design of all Topps base sets ever produced needed any sort of homage paid to it what so ever.


Dinged Corners said...

Well said. The weeping seems to be blog-wide. We ourselves are running out of Kleenex.

gritz76 said...

Other than those 2 cards the rest of the previews look nice. But those 2 are inexcusable.

Steve Gierman said...

This is the reason that Topps should have their license pulled.

Unknown said...

I'm just trying to figure out what the point of the card is. Is it a joke or a fake "error" card? I really don't understand.

John Bateman said...

It could be worse for Topps, They could be Upper Deck. The concept of Fantasy Cards is interesting. A DiMaggio in a Red Sox uniform or a Williams in a Yankee uniform would be fun.

Unknown said...

These cards will hold no value in the future. The memory of the cards is what helps them hold their value. Nobody will remember this crap in 20, 10, or even 5 years.

Pablo said...

This is why only Upper Deck should have a license to produce all sports cards! Better photos, better quality, better autographed cards, better jersey and bat cards, and the list goes on! Boy, do I miss Upper Deck Baseball. By far, their best sports cards. I've had it with Topps! Hey, Topps! Leave the jokes and parodies for Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids! Enough already!

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