Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts- eBay, Licensing, and more.

eFee (eBay)- March 3oth will see the roll-out of a new pricing structure. Complete details can be found on their changes page, here. In a nutshell, for the average collector and flipper, the changes are excellent. You can list 100 items per month with no insertion fee, as long as they have a starting price of .99c or less. Fixed price listings are .50c and final value fees are no longer tiered but a flat 9% with a $50 cap.

UD vs Topps and MLB Licensing- Upper Deck Ultimate has gone live today and there is much speculation and questioning what this really means. Read Field Level View's opinion here. As for my thoughts I saw this coming a mile away as I wrote about last week.

NFL and the SuperBowl- It comes as no surprise that the major market media outlets were less than pleased with the pairing of the Colts and Saints in this year's Super Bowl. They were all clamoring to one-up each other with human interest pieces on the Favre-Manning match-up. The whole passing of the torch, going out on top, love of the game fanfare that makes you nauseous waiting for the actual game for 2 weeks.

Las Vegas Trade Conference- With the demise of the long running Hawaii Trade Conference, it didn't talk long for another entity to step in and fill the void. B2B events like this are important for real business professionals and I hope Hobby retailers take notice by actively participating and engaging in the week's events and don't simply use the opportunity as a tax write-off.

SI SwimSuit Issue- Scheduled for release next month, to add some heat to what has been a cold winter around the country.

Baseball Card Vending Machines- We don't have them in the Midwest. I wish we did.

Holo Fx Returns!- Mario Alejandro of Wax Heaven fame, has long derided the seeming conspiracy in Upper Deck's hockey and baseball design departments. Wait till he hears that Holo Fx returns in this year's SP Authentic . . . . hockey.

Product Pricing- Since the retail cost of a product is comprised, in part, by the chances of what can be pulled, should the price go down when the best card has been pulled thus ending the chase as happened today with a Babe Ruth cut auto 1/1 being pulled from Sports Icons?


Ryan Cracknell said...

Although the return of HoloFX is great, the design isn't like it used to be. It looks as though the hologram is merely just the background of the card, not the player. In short, a snazzy generic background with a player photo at the forefront:


GCA said...

You meant $.50 / 50¢ and $.99 / 99¢, right? .50¢ is ½ a cent. Sorry to nitpick, that just bugs me...

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