Saturday, February 13, 2010

Auction News- Just Collect Running HUGE PSA Graded Card Sale

PSA Set Registry builders and graded card collectors have the opportunity to save BIG money. JustCollectCards is now running a HUGE sale up to 75%off on over 5,000 PSA Cards with free shipping on every order. Over 1,250 cards were just added in the last week, with more launching daily. Just Collect Cards also offers am improved Catalog View, allowing you to quickly browse through thousands PSA cards.
You know my thoughts on the Set Registry from previous posts (it's the cardboard equivalent of a frat boy whose got the longer schlong contest) but the fact remains that their are many high end vintage set collectors in The Hobby and this sale provides an extremely affordable way to find graded commons.
Now, if you are a rookie card or junk wax collector, they fill those needs also. I wouldn't typically recommend paying graded card prices for early '90's RC's but with many going for under $10, that's less than the price of single card submission.
So if graded cards are your thing, you might want to check them out.


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