Thursday, February 25, 2010

Famous Fabrics- A Love/Hate Relationship

I really can't decide if I love it or hate it. Creative Cardboard Concepts a Dr. Brian Price company (In The Game), has recently released a high-end (1) card per pack product which is focused on authentic game used memorabilia of the super swatch and multi-colored patch variety. (Not surprisingly based on its name.)

The glaring deficiency to these cards, in my opinion, is the lack of athlete photo to accompany the memorabilia. But, at the same time, do I care if I could own a triple color Lebron James patch or super sized swatch of Derek Jeter. I just don't know.

At a current SRP of around $110, that's a lot of coin for one card, but some of the material and cut autos are amazing. Take for instance the dual piece of fight worn shorts from Ali-Frazier. No other product on the planet, to date, can deliver that kind of card.

The Famous product transcends all sports; baseball, football, basketball, hockey, track and field, boxing, golf, tennis, horse racing, soccer, swimming and many more. In addition it is extremely limited. Only 400 10-pack boxes were made. For the math deficient that is 4,000 total cards to the ENTIRE PRODUCT. Each card is encased in a graded card like slab and only 10 or fewer copies of each card exist. (9 silver and 1 gold.)

For a player collector, I can definitely see chasing some of these cards on the secondary market, but I can't see buying these as a card per pack product. But, then again if money was no object, I'd been in for at least three.

So like I said at the start. I have a love/hate relationship with Dr. Brian Price's latest offering.


Anonymous said...

Yet, people would throw down $100+ for a single hit pack (Ultimate, for example) and get bubkis. At least with Price, you know you'll get something decent (I've never been disappointed with ITG stuff - ymmv). Player pictures will matter to some, but to me, that's not the point of this release: the relics are. People who want nice looking relics are gonna buy it. Granted, I likely will not buy it because of my current collecting focus, and I am not a rip-n-flipper, but I was a HOF relic collector, this product would beckon to me like a methed out hooker.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

I wouldn't mind the autograph without a picture, like the Jesse Owens, but the other stuff I would like a picture with it.

Anonymous said...

This product is bombing big time.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the guys who said this product is "bombing big time" is anonymous because he apparently doesn't know what he's talking about. LOL

Wow! Look at how fast the box and case prices are climbing! Good buy upper deck. Time to make room for ethical card companies.

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