Monday, February 22, 2010

Product Review and Box Break- 2010 Topps Series 1 Returns to Its Roots

Topps. The word itself is synonymous with baseball cards and as much a part of the sport as Spring Training and the World Series. Despite recent attempts by its competitor to let collectors think otherwise, Topps is the exclusive trading card manufacturer of Major League Baseball for 2010. Returning to their glory days for the first time in almost 30-years as the name in baseball trading cards.

To coronate this fact, Topps is providing collectors an opportunity to recapture lost moments of history, time and cardboard treasure with one of the biggest promotions The Hobby has ever seen. Randomly inserted at a rate of approximately 1:6 packs, casual fans and collectors will find Topps Million Card Giveaway code cards. These codes can be redeemed online to reveal an original Topps card from year’s gone by. This includes, what has been reported by Topps PR spokesperson, Clay Luraschi, as including (3) 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie cards, the granddaddy of the all.

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