Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Hits and Random Thoughts

Forbes interviews Panini CEO. Sort of. Columnist Tom Van Riper calls it like he sees it providing an argumentative counterpoint. Read the article here.

eTopps is having what they are calling a "Discounted Shipping Offer". Really? Your discounted shipping is still more expensive than USPS Pricing for Priority Mail. Is that hand deliverd in a velvet satchel by the ghost of Arthur Shorin himself? It's bad enought I fell for that whole scam when it first came out. Thus dooming my cards to existence in cardboard purgatory due to the fact that SHIPPING COSTS MORE THAN THEY ARE WORTH!!!

Upper Deck is King of Social Media in the sports collectibles and trading card markets. See for yourself and connect.

EA Sports and Upper Deck- Sports trading card games geared to kids are a joke. Have the marketers and CEO's who dream this crap up not heard of XBOX, Playstation or Wii. At least UD has seemingly embrassed that end by instead of recreating the wheel to bring kids to them. They are going where kids are. Check out the advertising on the boards of a hockey game in the EA sports franchise NHL. Bright shimy Upper Deck logos in your face like any other advertising.

eBay and PayPal- When a prospective seller asks me if I take Money Order. I emphatically respond, "YES!!" It still seems criminal that eBay eliminated that form of payment via automated checkout so that they get their cut from your PayPal payment. Thank God for savvy sellers to at least ask. If you try putting "Check and/or M.O accepted." in your description, you get blocked with an error message. At least it was when the transistion happened. This comes to my attention because a seller inquiry about the '70 Thurman Munson RC I currently have up for sale as part of (2) different vintage consignments.

Speaking of vintage consignments, I know it is a bit of a pipe dream, but with (2) collections in hand and inquiry from a third, wouldn't it be nice if you could make a legitimate, mortgage paying business out of it? For those interested, here is a link to My eBay listings.


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