Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Have A Winner!!

The below picture is none other than the "Collection Monster", which represented a division of the now defunct, Card Collector Services., ushered in a long line of eBay alternatives in roughly 2003. Featuring a regularly updated database of checklists, the site provided every collector the means of affordably operating an online store complete with customized URL.

In addition, the company made a go at publishing a magazine and "price guide" that incorporated pricing for unopened packs, and boxes of product, something that had not been available to collectors previously. The company's life was short lived despite some good marketing as the site never garnered the traffic necessary to compete against the auction behemoth.

Congratulations to James B Anama! Email me your snail mail at


Phil Mc said...

I remember that! I joined and got a shirt way back then!



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