Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Has Happened To Prominent Cuts

Over 3-months late from its scheduled November release, Upper Deck Prominent Cuts is scheduled to debut a week from today, February 16th. The sell sheet reads like a product with an identity crisis despite delivering a boat load of content. Retail price is going to be close to $200 and for that expenditure you will pull (1) cut auto, (2) MMA autos, and (2) Hollywood Memorabilia cards.

So basically this product is like Razor Sports Icons, Topps UFC, and Donruss Americana all roled into one overpriced hodge-podge.

2009 UD Prominent Cuts
Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 5 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

- Look for a cut signature in every sealed box of Upper Deck Prominent Cuts, on average!
- Every pack will include an autograph, a celebrity memorabilia card, or a cut signature!
- Look for cut signatures of the greatest entertainers, athletes and historical figures of the 20th century!
- Find signed cards from the world's greatest mixed- martial arts fighters!
- Find premium-sized swatch Hollywood memorabilia!
- Look for dual-piece Hollywood memorabilia cards!

Regular Cards
- Base Set - 90 cards

Autograph Cards: Two per Box - From the following inserts:
- MMA Signatures
- MMA Signatures- Premium Series

Memorabilia Cards: Two per box- From the following inserts:
- Hollywood History Memorabilia
- Hollywood History Memorabilia Premium Series
- Hollywood History Dual Memorabilia

Cut-Signature Cards: One per box- From the following inserts:
- Prominent Cuts
- Prominent Cuts Dual
- Prominent Cuts Quad


Michael said...

I couldn't agree more. It seems like a bunch of executives from Upper Deck were sitting around in a room brainstorming ways to create a new high dollar product that wouldn't be detrimentally effected by their recent loss of the MLB license. These multi sport products have enough trouble as is, and at this high a price point it will be an even greater challenge.

Anonymous said...

"Look fellas," he said, waving his cigar around, "we got all these MMA guys on contract, a warehouse full of celebrity clothing, and a box full of autographs that may, or may not be, authentic. What should we do with this crap?" A young, newly suited executive clears his throat and says in a squeaky voice, "what if we combined them into one release, call it something that makes it sound expensive and rare, and sell it for a couple hundred a box?" Silence falls for a moment, then: "Hot damn! Kid, light yourself a ceegar with one of these Yuggy-oh's..."

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

LMFAO Wombat. Nice!!

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