Monday, February 8, 2010

Won't somebody think about the children?!?!"- Trading Card Games

I'm not privy to sales data from the trading card manufacturers but based on conversations and posts from a former industry insider, I do know that market research in the form of focus groups isn't typically something the likes of Topps, Upper Deck and Panini invest in.

I might be totally off-base but the last time I checked, kids don't want to be placated and patronized. However, that is exactly what the likes of Topps and Panini are doing with their releases of sports collectible related TCG's. Attax for Topps and debuting next week Adrenalyn XL basketball by Panini.

I have played both Topps Attax baseball and hockey. Bottom line, they suck. Why would a kid possibly want to play these mind numbingly boring games when they can turn on any next-gen game console and be immersed in something much closer to the real thing? Games like these seem contrived, as if they are trying too hard and therefore come off as desperate.

Basically these games come down to a sports trading card version of the classic card game "War" and that's it. I know that's probably all they are supposed to be, but if the trading card manufacturers really think that insulting a kids intelligence with products like these is going to to pave the way for entry into the legitimate collectibles market, they have another thing coming.

Enough of these lame games already.


Alan Christensen said...

I totally agre with yon this one! I saw the Topps Attax several weeks back and thought that was the biggest waste of money and why did they bother to make it in the first place.

Kids these days are tech savy! Heck, my 8 year old niece knows how to play with an ipod and get online to play her 'kid games.' UD University is a start, but I couldn't figure it all out myself, seemed to not really do anything. How bout creating a online fantasy league with some sort of cards and animation included? Now there is an idea!!

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