Monday, March 8, 2010

Court Kings Makes Incredible First Impression

These cards look beautiful. The artwork is top notch and the product looks packed with content. A bit on the pricey side with an 11-card pack for $100 but with the chance to pull one of 120 redemptions for a 16"x20" Kobe Bryant signed lithograph, I'm sure plenty of hoops fans will be eating this product up.

For more details, click here.


John Bateman said...

Is this set really needed?

Anonymous said...

It IS quite pricey, but I like where Panini is going with this. It will be interesting to see some of this stuff opened.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Diamond Kings comes to Hoops in a high-end on card auto (primarily)version? Yeah it's needed.

Nothing like this has really been done in basketball and the fact that it relies on design and autos instead of memorabilia makes it a good thing in my book.

Colin Tedards said...

There is this product and Timeless Treasures which is another $100 Per Pack Product I think as well. You also have Absolute Mem. coming out at $40 per pack (4 pack box) ... so Panini is starting to roll out more high end stuff as the year closes out.

The problem that most Bball card makers find out is that the checklist from set-to-set starts to really look similar ... and I found it similar to the other products I mention above. I like the direction, we'll see how many twists and turns they can start to come up with to keep this stuff fresh.

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