Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Unsatisfying Box Break

I rarely buy boxes anymore. Combine less disposal income (having 2 kids under 4) with an often times lack of value in terms of return to retail price and I have been more content picking off singles for my personal collections and the occasional lots or blaster to make sets (Goodwin Champions, etc).

I was reminded why this week. My local card shop owner GAVE me a 250 count, de-duped lot of UD 20th Anniversary cards (more on that project later), Having some extra money from the ongoing vintage consignment project I decided to buy a box of what has always been one of my favorite products, Sweet Spot. This particular box was from 2008.

Don't get me wrong, I really do love busting product and am fortunate enough through my long time involvement with Card Corner Club to be able to satiate my cravings. I also love busting product with a hit per pack and so Sweet Spot was a natural choice.

These are scans of the results.

So am I too picky? Do I have unrealistic expectations? Should I be complaining about this break at all?

Regardless, any of these are for trade for similar Cubs, Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears, Ripken, or Ryan.


beardy said...

No, you're not too picky. That is a shitty box, especially considering it retails for $100.

As we all know by now, that's how box busting goes, especially Upper Deck box busting. It's usually a wallet raping.

Anonymous said...

I've never, ever had good luck with post-2007 Sweet Spot. Heck, only once did I have good luck with regular 2007 Sweet Spot. Was always happy with Classics, though.

Unknown said...

Not the best box, but I really like the Verlander/Felix dual jersey. Send me an email at and we can get started! Thanks, Drew

dogfacedgremlin said...

Wallet raping...exactly, Beardy!!

Corky said...

I have always been a fan of the Sweet Spot Signatures but the set itself has fallen out of favor with me. It became to much of a "Cookie Cutter" set where one season looked like the next.

GCA said...

Nice looking cards, but there's a whole lotta white going on.

Joe S. said...

I've recently come around to the line of thinking that box busting is for chumps, and Sweet Spot has been a major reason why.

I love the product, it's probably my favorite out there. But you could've put those six hits together for maybe $20 on ebay/COMC, perhaps a tad more. Quite a bit cheaper than the box!

Heck, you could buy the complete base set AND all of those exact hits for less than the price of one box.

I generally don't sell what I buy, so I'm not overly concerned about value, but $20 for an Ortiz jersey is insane and not at all worth it. Some people may argue that you'll never get the 'big' hit just buying individually, but that's not true either. For the same $100, you could easily buy a drool-worthy lot of Sweet Spot online.

Todd Uncommon said...

Sad to say, I agree. This box screams, "meh."

At least, if an interjection without an exclamation point can, indeed, scream.

The Saito auto is OK, and the Utley is probably the nicest card of the lot. A bunch of white, formless jersey swatches are about as popular as poison oak pudding.

I never understood why we should get former Japanese leaguer autos in English, though. Wouldn't be more interesting to get the auto on an MLB card in their native language? Doesn't an English one just feel contrived and sorta fake?

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