Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Exquisite Baseball- What could have been . . .

Exquisite, a brand name synonymous with high-end excellence in every sense of the word, was scheduled to make a complete return as a cross-pollinated insert set in 2010 Upper Deck baseball products. Unfortunately for collectors, most of the cards created for the set, will never see the light of day. After the hobby landscape altering court-room drama from earlier this spring, the company was forced to "destroy" the cards not yet packed out in product. As one Twitter account user at the company put it, "It's the nicest set that never was."

Upper Deck has had plenty of cards leave via "the back-door" in the past and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if some jaw dropping discoveries of these cards existence on the secondary market comes to fruition later in the year. But for now, we'll have to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, several cards did make their way into products like 2010 Baseball, and Signature Stars and their existence alone is a reason to create a chase.

Below is an image gallery of current and completed listings from the last 60 days on eBay which you can see


Anonymous said...

That really is a shame they all had to be destroyed. The ones that were released are amazing.

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