Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Best Job in the World

Some of you know and many of you don't, that effective this past Friday, my company was shut down. As sudden as it was, it wasn't entirely unexpected. I have a VERY good exit package that provides same benefits and compensation until June 18th and then I'll receive 6 weeks severance and 2 weeks paid vacation. I honestly believe in the saying, "When God closes a door, he opens a window." In addition, there is the possibility our group is reformed under new ownership so I am far, far from hitting the panic button.

That all said, I have been slowly working on these two Vintage Consignments, over the past several months. If any of you sell in bulk on eFee (eBay), you know it can be a time consuming a laborious process. Well, knowing that I'd be wasting my time jump starting a job search while a potential management buyout is in the works, I have plenty of time on my hands to "work" full-time on the Vintage Consignment.

So be sure to check either the widget in the side bar or my eBay seller id: bargainbinsportscards for vintage sports cards from all 4 major sports. I'll be listing some more '69 baseball and then get started on hockey.


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