Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday! Opening Day and Other Musings

OK, so I changed my mind

Well, yes, obviously yesterday was April Fools' Day and while I am in no way retiring from the blogsphere, other parts of my post yesterday were true, specifically those surrounding the UD "Awards". However, I'm done with that and ready to move on.

Now, for a bit of my, as advertised, randomness.

Just a reminder, author Dave Jamieson of Mint Condition- How Baseball Cards Became an American Obsession will be our guest at 11pm CST tonight on Card Corner Radio . If you have not read the book, I encourage you to do so. it's a great read and you can read my review here.

McFarlane has released the complete schedule for its 2010 NFL SportsPicks lineup. Some highlights include a 12" Adrian Peterson, and a stong roster in Legends 6 which includes Marcus Allen, Dick Butkus, and Steve Young to name a few. You can see the full schedule here. In addition, McFarlane is releasing a toy lineup called Playmakers across multiple sports with pose-able players with multiple points of articulation. Not exactly collectible per say, but a great item to serve as a gateway for kids in the sports collectibles figure side of The Hobby. You can see the current MLB figures and photos here.

The MLB season kicks off this weekend with Sunday Night Baseball with the traditional East Cost basis out dishing out the classic confrontation between AL Eastern Division foes, Yankees at Red Sox. My 2010 MLB predictions are as follows.

AL East- Yankees
AL Central- White Sox
AL West- Angels
AL Wildcard- Red Sox

NL East- Phillies
NL Central- Cardinals
NL West- Rockies
NL Wildcard- Dodgers
World Series Match-up - Boston vs Phillies with Boston in 6

Sports Cards Kids is a great online card shop that does a very effective job at emulating, as much as possible, the in-store experience of a brick-and-mortar shop, via the online experience. Utilizing trivia contests, riddles, guess who and random drawings, the proprietor, Jeremy, seems like a really nice guy. Proving that people really do win. i received an email yesterday stating that I had won the monthly hobby box drawing and have a FREE box of 2010 Heritage coming my way. pretty cool, eh?

Rookie Card Bracketology has reached the Final Four at Tuff Stuff and the current voting may or may not surprise you. Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey Jr are facing off in one region, and Wayne Gretzky and Joe Montana in the other. You can vote and register to win in a giveaway here.

Easter is a very important day in my family and if it is in yours, enjoy this special holiday.

Have a good weekend everyone and don't worry, I'm not going anywhere ;)


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