Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Been a Good Run . . .Thanks to Everyone

Having become increasingly frustrated with The Hobby as whole, coupled with the recent fiasco that became of the Upper Deck "Awards", I am retiring from blogging.

Some of you may simply say it's sour grapes but really what have I been doing with my time? If Johnny come lately's, inactive sites, and industry media are included in a contest at the exclusion of such iconic blogs as Sports Cards Uncensored, Dinged Corners, Sports Card Info, and Stale Gum to name a few, what's the point. While it was nice to be nominated I kind of felt dirty at the same time knowing I was in a "competition" for something with less than the best entries, some of whom I had never even heard of until the last couple of months.

In all honesty the awards are about 5 years too late and more of an act of desperation on the part of a company that needs to do anything and everything to restore its severely tarnished image.

Collector greed knows no bounds and the shenanigans, campaigning, bribery, and pandering are enough to make me sick.

I can no longer be part of this.

To all my fans, friends, and readers I'll still be on Facebook and Twitter.

All the best,


AKA Voice Of The Collector

PS- Beckett Still Sucks


beardy said...

Is Upper Deck's PR grab really worth retiring over? Don't be lame Rob.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Too much goos stuff here (in your dome) to let it go.
Go out back, crack open a Labatts, and start a baseball card fire. That should be therapeutic. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Good April Fools!

Collective Troll said...

Dude, don't hang it up over that bullshit... Beckett still sucks and we need your voice to remind us! STAY!!!

beardy said...

Ahhh... I had forgotten today's date. Nice try amigo!

Drew said...

Yeah really, good joke!

But... if it were true, I'll miss ya!

dogfacedgremlin said...

You had me there. Up until the part that I realized it was 4/1/2010.

Silly VOTC. Trix are for kids.

Alan Christensen said...

Dude!! It's snowing outside here in Salt Lake City and I passed a unicorn on the way into work! Did I fail to mention that pigs fly too??

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