Monday, April 26, 2010

The Longest Season

Random encounters of items from your favorite player are fun. While I was in Walgreens today waiting for a prescription I ran into a display (really just a pile on a table) of children's book. This book was on the top of the pile as if placed there by someone that knew I would be in the store today.

A simply told story of the final season of the streak, this book was published in 2007 and was actually authored by the Iron Man himself. What really attracted me to it was the artwork of illustrator, Ron Mazellan, a fairly artist of children's books.

An oversized, 16" x 16" with full color sketches just like the cover, on every other page. The book is available on Amazon for $16.99 but I got it for only $5.99. Cha-ching. Can't wait to read this to my daughter at bedtime tonight. Hearing this story told thru Cal's own words is really cool.


Anonymous said...

I briefly considered getting into the children's book gig (in school as an English/Writing major), and actually wrote and illustrated one as a final project. However, I realized it's hard to write kids books if you're not a parent. You get out of touch, and nostalgic for your own childhood.

Anyway, cool looking book!

James said...

I picked this up for my boys last year - great story about not giving up. Good stuff.

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