Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Musings

NHL- Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, who narrowly missed the Western Conference title by 1pt. Bring on the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

The Masters- Poetic Justice, Phil "Stand By Your Wife" Mickelson wins The Masters as the chronic adulterer returns to the links. Way to go Lefty!! Total feel good story.

Junk Wax- Many people knock me for throwing away, recyling or burning my junk wax instead of "donating it to a youth organization where it will be appreciated". My logic- I don't want a kid to be given a bunch of crap from 1987-1993, and want to "know what its worth" and end up buying a Beckett (Sucks) only to find out that in actuality the cards are really worth nothing, thus, most likely, turning him off to The Hobby forever.

Card Corner Club Radio- Seems to be a resounding success. here is what some people are saying:

Great show!! I know where I'll be at 11pm on Fridays...unless I'm out, then I know what I'm listening to on Saturday mornings :)

Great show tonight. Very enjoyable!

Card Corner Club Radio is on the air!!! Tune in I'm listening right now. Good stuff!

DEFINITELY a good show!!

That was the best show you guys have done!

Great Show! Enjoyed It - looking forward to next week.

So tune in every Friday at 11pm CST!!

Danica Patrick- There is just something about fast cars and fast woman, let alone brunettes who look like the girl next door with a natural beauty but polish up to look like runway models. I want her to succeed but at this point despite all of the resources thrown at her, I am beginning to seriously doubt her overall talent level as a driver.

Holy Crap eBay Auction- Alburt Pujols 2001 Bowmnan Chrome RC Auto goes for

SportsCardRadio and SportsCardReport - Ryan and Colin run a great couple of sites and I was pleased to do an interview for them which you can catch on the latest podcast.

Box Breaks- Upper Deck 2009/10 SP Game Used Hockey is a very hit or miss product by the box and not recommended by the pack. If you can swing it, cases seem the way to go. Look at what this guy pulled.

Baseball- Too much other stuff going on to care yet. April games just don't get me going.

Vegas Industry Summit- The first annual Industry Summit opened this weekend and representatives from over 80 shops atteneded. While organizers were happy, I think it is a sad reflection of the state of The Hobby, that the people with the most to gain (and lose) didn't come out in stronger numbers. You can read more here.

Thug Life- The NFL is more closely resembling the NBA with allegations, indictments, incarcerations, arrests, etc. Wonder which has the higher crime rate overall per capita?


Chris Koepke said...

I totally agree on the Junk Wax point. One other thing is that if you were to give cards from 87-93 to a kid today they probably wouldn't know the players anyway.

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