Monday, April 19, 2010

PSA/DNA and UD Prominent Cuts UPDATE

Shane, the "Man on the Street" , contacted PSA today and sent me this email.

"The cut signature is a perfect match of actress Jean Simmons (see the attached pic for comparison). I spoke with PSA this morning and they were concerned that the wrong auto maybe stuck on the wrong card. I am guessing they are showing concern because it makes it appear to be a PSA error...when in fact its a Upper Deck issue all the way. PSA authenticated the signatures, attached the oval PSA sticker (with number) and sent them to Upper Deck. Upper Deck "glued" the cards together or added the cuts to the empty card."

So as it turns out, and not too surprisingly, it appears the error is on Upper Deck's part. Shane will be contacting UD with his findings and PSA's formal response along with any response from Carlsbad.


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