Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Were You in the Club????

Do you remember this? Ok, an honest show of hands, how many of you were in the Upper Deck Collector's Club? I'll admit I was and I think I still have my custom made Ken Griffey Jr bat card to prove it. I don't think they do this anymore. Probably because at $40 it was way too pricey for most people. I remember getting a show deal somewhere that cost me about half of that or I never would have been either. I used the UD baseball hat on a snowman this winter that my daughter and I made.

If Upper Deck was smart (which has been questionable at best lately) they would roll this back out but market it to kids via a wrapper redemption or points program instead of additional cold hard cash.


reoddai said...

Anonymous said...

The best thing was the "game worn" Santa card that they sent at Christmas. Some poor mall Santa is missing a swatch of his coat.h

Anonymous said...

Wrapper programs are pretty fun.. Encourages buying. Rittenhouse is fairly successful with it and they offer some cool stuff..

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