Sunday, May 2, 2010

De-Junking and the Garage Sale

Well, this week was busy gearing up for the annual city wide garage sale and once again proved that the adage, "one man's junk, is another man's treasure." I sold about $60 worth of stuff destined for a fire pit and another $15 that would have been relegated to eBay. Items included a complete factory sets of 1993 Upper Deck Baseball, and 1994 UD Collector's Choice, a couple of 800 count boxes of true "junk-wax" from the late 80's, a 500 count box of 2008-2010 basketball cards and a 800 count box of 2007-2009 baseball cards.

I couldn't be happier and knowing we will be having at least 3 more garage sales this summer, I am hopeful to unload even more. One lady in particular, who said she "collects" took everything but the basketball cards, those went to a kid. Knowing that 99.5% of collectors wouldn't touch the "junk wax" with a 10-foot pole, I probed further, unsuccessfully as to what, why and who she collects. Her reply was that she just collects. Ok fine by me and I really, really hope she comes to another garage sale. If she does she will officially be crowned "The Junk Wax Queen".

Oh yeah, one more thing. People will try to steal from you at a garage sale. Caught a kid trying to walk-off with a handful of Transformers cards. The sad thing is, his parents didn't make him apologize and if he'd of asked me, I would have just given them to him.


Cardboard Icons said...

I know all about theft at garage sales. I had a 800 count box of basketball cards at my garage sale last summer and some kid asks me if he can have a few ... He looked poor and had a sad look so I said he could have a few. He and his brother grabbed two big stacks. It's kinda sorta theft. How can people ask you to GIVE them things when you clearly have a price tag on them? And as was the case with your instance, the parents did nothing. I gave the rest of the cards to some other kids -- they were so happy. Their parents thought they stole them and insisted to pay -- I refused to take their money.

Pablo said...

That's the problem with having garage or yard sales in bad neighborhoods. People steal or will try to steal your stuff. One time my aunt had a yard sale and somebody stole her son's Gameboy. Most thieves are lazy, cheapstakes, and cowards! Get a job, you losers! If you buy something cheap, at least offer to buy a few things before you even get something free. Don't take the whole box of free stuff! That's selfish! Even people who go to garage or yard sales are cheapskates as well. If a shirt or pair of pants is 50 cents, don't offer 25 cents! It's not the seller's fault your dumbass is broke or you're a cheapskate!

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