Monday, May 3, 2010

The Forgotten LCS and a National Chicle Purchase

When I think of my local card shop, this, isn't the one that comes to mind. As you can see from the signage, they aren't strictly a card store and you'll typically have more lucking finding old packs of last year's product, non-sport trading cards and Topps Series 1, than you will the latest release. I have often talked about card shops needing to diversify, and on this aspect of hobby retailing, Me and Dads Toys does very well.

However, the trap they fall into is two-fold. The first being a cluttered, cramped, unorganized retail experience more akin to rummaging in someones basement than a retail establishment. The second pitfall is the over-priced syndrome. Seemingly more content to let their precious Jordan, Hull & Makita, Payton, Fisk, and Sandberg cards sit nicely on display then priced to sell it's a fun place to visit but not top of mind when I think LCS.

On a long shot and follow-up from my last post, I decided to give them a call on the outside chance they had some National Chicle packs and to my surprise they did. I purchased 7 packs at $3.99 a piece. I would have been happy to pull an auto but this purchase was more to see for mysel,f the art as a whole, compared to the gawd-awful previews previously mentioned.

What I found was a rendition of, The Great, The Good, The OK, The Bad and The Ugly and it really comes down to the artist. I scanned some cards for reference below.

The Great- George Sisler by Chris Felix

The Good- Tyler Flowers by Chris Henderson

The Ok- Juan Pierre by Ken Branch

The Bad- Nolan Ryan by Paul Lempa

The Ugly- Gordon Beckham and Paul Konerko by Jeff Zachowski


Cardboard Icons said...

That Ryan rendering reminds of some of the poor artwork that was in 2001 Topps Gallery. Tano painted several veterans and rookies with a boxy-type face -- hard lines. That Beckham is screaming shortprint to me -- not that it really matters.

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