Thursday, June 24, 2010

Card Corner Club Facebook Fan Page

While many of you are "Friends" of Card Corner Club, we recently set up an official Fan Page which is where Doug and I will be promoting a lot of the contests and giveaways we have planned. Yesterday he gave away a Fleer Greats of the Game 3x5 Box Topper of a Gil Hodges Oversized Swatch card. So we'd like you to be a "Fan" of the page as well but for someone stupid ass reason, Facebook changed Page Fans, to Likers (so stupid). Anyway, go ahead and "Like" us anyway please. Thanks!!


John Sharp said...

Beckett, and the pricing of cards is why I stopped collecting cards a long time ago.

Look at what's happening now, someone is bidding hundreds of thousands of dollars of a Steven Strasburg card...a card of a guy who has played in three big league games.

Because Topps now has the monopoly on "official" baaseball cards, the rush is on for serial numbered cards...and it drives the price of a box of cards so high it makes it impossible for a guy like me to afford.

Then, because someone finds at Beckett places a Strasburg card at a ridiculously high "value," it makes the other cards in the set become un affordable...when will Topps allow baseball fans like myself collect cards again, instead of paying outrageous dollars for a single card.

Thanks for keeping the collector's obvious that's never going to be Beckett, or the card companies choice.

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