Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MLB Draft 2010- What Collectors Need to Know

The MLB Draft used to come and go with little fanfare. The information age has changed all that as fans, collectors and organizations look to the country's most gifted representatives of a new generation of ball players for insight into their teams future. Once an event that warranted little more than a quick recap buried in the sports section, is now a televised event. The hype surrounding some of these, as of yet, unproven players is extraordinary as evidenced by the spectacle created by the long awaited debut of last year's #1 overall pick, Stephen Strasburg.

Strasburg's recent cardboard exploits are no secret to collectors. The combined timing of the release of 2010 Bowman, Strasburg's MLB debut (today, 7:05 EST vs Pirates), the MLB Draft and the hype surrounding another #1 pick by the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper, has prospecting type collectors in near delirium.

A quick look at last night's results for the Top 10 picks in the 2010 MLB Entry Draft and some of their available cardboard are below and a complete analysis, including MLB scouting report can be found here.

1. Bryce Harper, C/OF
College of Southern Nevada, Fr.
2008 USA Baseball, 2009 Bowman Aflac, 2009 USA Baseball, 2010 Bowman

2. Jameson Taillon, RHP
The Woodlands HS (Texas), Sr.
2009 USA Baseball, 2009 UD Signature Stars, 2009 Bowman Aflac, 2010 Bowman

3. Manny Machado, SS
Brito Miami Private School (Fla.), Sr.
2009 USA Baseball, 2009 UD Signature Stars, 2010 Bowman
Current Ebay Listings

4. Christian Colon, SS
Cal State - Fullerton, Jr.
2007 USA Baseball, 2008 UD Sweet Spot, 2008 SP Authentic, 2008 USA Baseball, 2009 USA Baseball, 2010 Bowman
Current Ebay Listings

5. Drew Pomeranz, LHP
Ole Miss, Jr.
2009 USA Baseball, 2009 UD Signature Stars, 2010 Bowman

PART 2 Tomorrow

6. Barret Loux, RHP
Texas A&M, Jr.

7. Matt Harvey, RHP
North Carolina, Jr.

8. Delino DeShields, CF
Woodward Academy (Ga.), Sr.

9. Karsten Whitson, RHP
Chipley HS (Fla.), Sr.

10. Michael Choice, CF
University of Texas - Arlington, Sr.


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