Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Obligatory Stephen Strasburg Post

Congratulations Kid. Impressive performance. Now can we all get over it. The media is anointing this guy as the reincarnation of Cy Young. I get it. He has (insert cliche) wicked stuff, nasty, stuff, deadly, curve, velocity and movement, yadda, yadda. Regardless, there is NOOOOOOOOO WAYYYY in hell the idiot who dropped the equivalent on a new car for the Superfractor is going to profit in any way shape or form from that card. Dumping tons of money on 2010 Bowman in the hopes of pulling even a base Chrome card that you can "flip" for $30-$40 may be tempting but as the saying goes, buyer beware. As far as percentages go, Strasburg has a higher likelihood of having a career more closely resembling this guy . . . .

. . . rather than this guy . . .

That said, I wish the kid the best of luck. The hype is good for The Hobby.


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