Monday, June 28, 2010

Poll Results: Topps Shipping Charges

It really amazes me how much flak eBay sellers take for their shipping and handling charges. I've read bloggers I respect saying that anything over $2 for a card is robbery. In fact, eFee (eBay) allows a seller to charge actual shipping and a "reasonable" handling charge without defining what "reasonable" equates to. So why is it that so many collectors gripe over an individual sellers S/H fees but are more than willing to pay for Topps, seemingly, overly inflated prices.

Case in point #1. To have 10 of my CYMTA, from the Topps Million website, sent to me, would cost $7.69.

In actuality, 10 cards in penny sleeves and toploaders, packaged in a bubble mailer, weighs about 10 oz which coming from Duryea, PA would cost $3.10 including delivery confirmation.

Case in point #2. To have just (1) eTopps card shipped to me would cost $4.25.

In actuality, the eTopps card, which comes in an uncirculated case similar to an Ultra Pro magnet holder shipped in a bubble mailer would weigh approximately 4oz. and cost $1.73.

If I charged that amount, in either case, for "handling", how many collectors would consider that "reasonable" by eBay standards? The consequences for charging more between 100-150% of the actual shipping charge would include;

- Receiving a warning from eBay prior to listing the item notifying me of the exorbitant price I was charging.

- I would, most likely, receive negative feedback from the seller.

- Damage my seller rating.

- Be chastised on message boards.

- Have a space reserved for me in hell.

So why is it OK for Topps?
The poll was pretty evenly split, which actually surprised me. I just find it an interesting subject to shed light on. Obviously, this is far from anything that could remotely be called scientific, but maybe it helps put things into perspective from an eBay seller's point of view who you think is charging $1 too much.


Joe S. said...

Topps can do no wrong right now, that's why. Maybe they use Strasburg stamps?

cynicalbuddha said...

Yep and Check out My cards is pretty pricy too, which they explain that most of the cost is the Handling. Getting the cards from whatever leadlined nuclear radiation proof bunker they have them in and sticking them in a bubble mailer. But to be honest shipping can also depend on the clerk at the post office if you go to the counter. Some clerks will charge you large envelope others parcel rate. Plus toploader, penny sleeves, bubble mailers ain't free either, not to mentions ebay fees, paypal fees. I usually charge 2.50 for one card or small lot and then go up from there. To be honest I've not bid on stuff with high shipping rates and to the sellers benefit lower shipping cost usually means higher end price. You see it all the time with like items the one with cheaper shipping almost always ends with a higher last bid.

Joe S. said...

I find COMC somewhat reasonable, but ONLY if you order larger lots. And I mean they're reasonable compared to ebay. There's obviously a markup, which I'll never totally understand, but whatever. What other options do we have for large assortments of singles?

Unknown said...

I always bid on Ebay according to the shipping charges. Who cares if the shipping charges are high? You can always check the 'seller offers Free Shipping' option when searching but it is all the same as long as you bid accordingly.

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