Saturday, July 17, 2010

Geocaching and Baseball Cards

Some of you probably know what geocaching is, but for those that don't, it is simply the process of using a GPS to find a hidden "cache" of trinkets. Chances are if you were to look in your area at , you would find dozens, if not hundreds of hidden caches. I went geocaching with my nephews, sister, and daughter today and it got me thinking of a cool promo for The National. Once we are in Baltimore, somewhere near the convention center, I am going to "hide" a baseball card. On the Card Corner Club Facebook Page, the GPS coordinates, and the description of the exact location of the card will be posted as well as the picture of the card.

Here is how it will work, the first person that finds the card will take a picture of themselves with the card. They will then take the card home and hide it and post the new GPS coordinates and/or exact location on the original Facebook post. Every person that finds the card and post a picture of themselves with it and the cards' no location will receive a a FREE game used or autograph card.

It's that simple. This will only work if everyone "plays" by the rules so have fun and happy hunting. The location of the card will be revealed no later than 12pm EST on Friday August 6th.


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