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This week we were proud to welcome 2x MLB All-Star and avid card collector Dmitri Young to Card Corner Club Radio! Enjoy trading card and collectibles talk with Dmitri, Doug Cataldo and the Voice of the Collector,Rob Bertrand, from Card Corner Club -- the Ultimate Online Resource for Trading Card information.

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TWOT- This Week On Twitter 8/21 - 8/28

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This Week's Highlights

- Miss Universe
- Topps News
- Strasburg
- 2nd Amendment

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time to Come Clean- MLB, Steroids and Cooperstown

Bud Selig and Major League Baseball need to take an official stance on the Steroid Era once and for all. Burying their head in the sand and paying lip service to a situation in which they were complicit in creating is no longer an option. The integrity of the game, arguably, already tarnished beyond repair, will only begin the process of healing when speculation, secret testing results and the current “ignore it and it will go away attitude” are no longer part of the league’s official position on the subject.

The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, the Mecca for players, coaches, and fans alike is a revered and hallowed institution that houses, archives and preserves the game’s greatest players, achievements, and statistics. Those statistics, unlike those of ANY OTHER SPORT, have become littered with suspicion, asterisks, innuendo, dissent and ridicule. The disservice done by MLB in the treating of this issue only complicates the situation as the murky debates and prejudice on the parts of the Hall’s election committees will continue to convolute and pollute the game’s revered shrine until a permanent solution is reached.

The answer, while not perfect, is quite simple. The Hall, and the league, needs to acknowledge and endorse the existence of the “era” by accepting complicit blame in a public statement visible to Cooperstown patrons as they enter a permanent exhibit highlighting the era and the personalities and players involved or even suspected.

Such a statement might read;

“The mid 1990’s marked one of the low points for Major League Baseball. Disenfranchised fans left the game in droves following the strike shortened season of 1994 that resulted in the canceling of the game’s greatest stage, the World Series. The years that followed saw, at the time, some of the most dramatic moments in the history of the game. Most notably of these was the historic single season record Home Run Chase of 1998 between the Chicago Cub’s Sammy Sosa and the St Louis Cardinal’s Mark McGwire who eventually broke Roger Maris long held record of 61 home runs.

The years the followed saw a disproportionate amount of Home Runs being hit that catapulted such players as Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, the aforementioned Sosa and McGwire, Gary Sheffield, Manny Ramirez and the game’s eventual all-time Home Run King, Barry Bonds, into the iconic and legendary 500 Home Run Club. All of these players have been, in some way, shape or form, linked to the league’s eventual investigation into the use of PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs). These drugs include, but are not limited to anabolic steroids and HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

It should be noted that the suspected and alleged use of PED’s was not limited simply to superstar power hitters but ace pitchers including Roger Clemens and Andy Petite, to name a few as well.

While these circumstances are tragic and have cheated the game and its fans of the level playing field in which the game’s statistics and its players have been able to be compared across generations, Major League Baseball was complicit in turning a blind eye to the statistical anomalies preferring instead, to relish the increased TV ratings and attendance numbers rather than the integrity of the game itself.

These circumstances and the history it created, can no longer be ignored. This exhibit will permanently house displays and artifacts as a tribute to this era, regardless of what the Hall of Fame’s voting committees decide on the eligibility of the players allegedly or proved to be, involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs. Welcome to the Steroid Era exhibit of the Baseball Hall of Fame. If we fail to recognize our game’s history and failures, we are doomed to repeat it.”

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why I Don't Want Ryno to Manage the Cubs

It would be just like the Cubs to hire a HOF figure head following another managerial tour of futility. Attendance is down considerably as Cub's fans are no longer willing to accept the long tired title of "lovable" losers. So why not placate them with Hall of Famer and fan favorite Ryne "Ryno" Sandberg?

Lou Piniella's emotional, post-game press conference Sunday, following his final game, was indicative of the fiery passion he possessed for the game that fueled his intense desire to win. That passion is something that appears totally lacking in Ryne Sandberg who I have met on a few occasions. I came away from those experiences with the distinct impression that Ryno is your stereotypical mimbo.

While it's true that Sandberg has spent the the last several years paying his dues at the minor league league level with the idea of being groomed to take over the Cubs' big league manager's position. To do so would be a disservice not only to Cub's fans but Ryne Sandberg himself.

For starters, his managerial record isn't anything impressive, with a record of 276-269, this level of mediocrity mirrors what has bogged down the Cubs for years and is also a reflection of his bland vanilla personality. While the New York Yankees have hired and fired several former players over the years, including Sweet Lou himself, they have never, at least in my lifetime anyway, have had the misfortune of firing a Hall of Fame player. The saying that managers are hired to be fired is true and I don't know why the Cubs would want to put one of their own in that position to begin with.

The team that Lou Piniella inherited, on paper, was capable of winning. They even made two straight playoff appearances under Lou's tenure only to be swept 3-0 in both years. Now I will be the first to say that Piniella mismanaged at least one of those series by not setting up his rotation properl, but the truth of the matter is that highly paid players like Derrick Lee, Aramis Rameriz and Alfonso Sorianio choked. General manager, Jim Hendry, has handcuffed this team with over-inflated contracts so severly, with the likes of Soriano and Koske Fukodome, that the current mid-season fire sale of Ted Lily, Ryan Theriot, and Derrick Lee is only a small step in a rebuilding campaign that will last for years. Is that the kind of team that we won't to hand over to one of the franchises most revered players, even if he is a shallow mimbo? I don't think so.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

TWOT- This Week On Twitter 8/13 - 8/20

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This week's highlights:

- Gamescom coverage
- NHL '11 Demo
- Topps Makes Magic
- Panini CEO goes Mainstream
- Auction Results Yield Memorable Treasures

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Friday, August 20, 2010

An Unexpected Phone Call Leads to EXCITING News!

As some of you know by now, when I was in Baltimore for The National, we had the opportunity to interview Dmitri Young, which you can see here. He was there on behalf of Memory Lane Auctions who he had consigned his 500 HR Signed Baseball Collection to. Dmitri owns one of the most comprehensive vintage rookie card collections ALL of which are graded at PSA 10's. The collection includes names like Stan Musial, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Harmon Killebrew to name a few. He was very friendly and genuine and yoyu could tell he was really enjoying the experience of attending the show.

3 days ago, I received a call from his manager/agent stating that Dmitri really enjoyed the interview and talking cards and had actually listened to our radio show last Friday and had really enjoyed it. I was obviously flattered, but then he stated the unexpected. He said, "Dmitri wanted to know if you would be interested in having him on the show as a regular guest?" Well I am happy to say that starting next week, 2x All-Star and die-hard collector Dmitri Young will be a monthly recurring guest on our show. Collectors are free to call in and he said he is really looking forward to "talking cards with other collectors."

Pretty cool, eh?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Hits- Thoughts on Recent Releases, Previews and Other Nonsense

Magic Football looks GREAT!! Depending on what the pack-out configuration and price point end up being, this could be a HUGE hit for Topps. Incorporating the use of painted images is always something I like. If the preview images they released on their Facebook page today, are truly indicative of the checklist as a whole this could be a real step up for Topps

Tribute- Dynasties & Rivalries Edition- Is a freakin’ mess. The $250 per box price tag is so over the top it makes me wonder, what if any thought process went into this product at all. Oh the numerous problems. Let us count the ways. First, NO product at this price point should contain single color, ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, single color jersey swatches EVER! Unfortunately Tribute delivers it in droves. Second, no product at this price point should be using sticker autographs, if at all possible. If it cannot be avoided, they certainly shouldn't be using shiny stickers that detract from the gloss of the super premium card stock, leaving you with sun spots in your eyes from the glare. Third, somebody tell me what in the hell card of The Tortoise and The Hare, David and Goliath, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid are doing in a $50 per pack product? I get that in their own ways the are “rivalries” but WHO CARES! Get them out of our $50 packs.

Leaf Rookies & Stars- What is the point of a product like this if you can open an ENTIRE case and not pull one, not one, high profile rookie card of Tebow, Claussen and the like? Well it happened. Ask @IAmJoeCollector for the link. Forget the fact that the designs look as if they were formulated from cutting up old designs and piecing them back together.

Leaf Certified Football- Some of the cards looks actually look pretty nice. Others make my eyes bleed and dizzy. Like this one.

What this means for collectors is an over-priced product that will be very hit and miss and give you vertigo while you are opening packs due to the horrible use of angles, lines, mirroring etc that apparently, Certified is all about.

Tristar Obak- The design is simple, quirky and not for everyone. The black and white player images on an often psychedelically colored background a trippy and kind of growing on me. Maybe it's all the mind altering substances I used to consume before I started collecting again. In all seriousness, I applaud their effort at including people who truly were part of "The History of the Game". Not for everyone I know but I like it.

So Razor is now Leaf. Does anybody care? Didn’t think so. It is quite the coup for Brian Grey though. The Leaf name still has brand equity in the marketplace but as part of the deal to acquire it, he had to give up any and all baseball products. Not exactly sure of the legal mumbo-jumbo and fine print but time will tell what he plans for this iconic brand.

I wish I had the kind of money Sports Card Girl apparently does to blow on wax. I really like what she is doing on her blog. She seems very generous and admit it guys, she's pretty easy on the eyes.

Panini’s “exclusive” signing of rookies, being the sole licensee for NBA trading cards, isn’t really news. Is it? When you are the only game in town, isn't it kind of redundant? Or is this merely a cardboard form of preemptive cock-blocking?

Monday, August 16, 2010

So, What Did I Buy at The National? #NSCC

This was my fifth National and the second in a row that I have traveled for. Traveling expenses obviously detract from what you can spend money on once you get to the show floor but I've found that the experience itself, of attending, far exceed anything cardboard tangible I could take home with me. However, I went with a very targeted list and was glad to come away with some nice pieces. So first my list.

1) Cal Ripken oddball and/or regional items

2) A box of Press Pass Fusion for under $50

3) Frank Thomas signed baseball under $75

4) 1973 Mike Schmidt RC in VG/EX+ or better for under $50

1) Cal Ripken Commemorative Hall of Fame Edition Book "Ripken: From Aberdeen to Cooperstown- A Celebration of a Hometown Hero" $10

2) Cal Ripken Print- The picture doesn't do this piece justice. It meaures 12" x 6" and is going to look great in a frame. $10

3) 1973 Topps Mike Schmidt RC VG/EX $45. I am in the process of building the 1970, 1973, and 1975 Topps sets and this is one of the last Star/RC cards I needed. A bit miscut but no creases, corner or edge wear.

4) Nolan Ryan Isaly's Restaurant Disc. Made by MSA (Michael Schecter Associates) for numerous restaurants in 1976 this oddity displays the MLB logo of the ERA but noticeably absent is the California Angel's log from Ryan's cap. A nice inexpensive oddball item. $3

5) 1976 Topps Mini Bobby Orr (Possible Test Set?) $5

6) Frank Thomas signed baseball w/ PSA/DNA COA $60

7) Press Pass Fusion Box $49- Pretty uneventful but I am a sucker for multi-sport products and knowing all autographs are on card is a major plus. There is some pretty major autos to be had in this product so at $49 it was a good gamble. I lost, pulling Stephen Curry and a stupid redemption for Wayne Ellington but oh well.

8) Topps VIP Exclusive Cal Ripken Jr & Nolan Ryan $10. I had to have them for my player collections.

9) The Bullpen Gospels By Dirk Hayhurst who was signing copies at the Freedom Cardboard booth $15

Total Spent . . . $217.

Overall, I think I did pretty good. I got everything on my list and some extra loot to boot. I also got some free stuff too but I'll save that for another post.

Three Weeks On Twitter- TWOT 7/24-8/15

Alright- I know some of you don't care and others really look forward to the TWOT recap. Because of a vacation, The National, and then processing content post-National, something had to give and unfortunately the weekly Twitter recap was it. However, there was SOOO much going on between, San Diego Comic Con and The National, that I couldn't just not post the links.

So here is a Google Doc. Three Weeks of Twitter TWOT- 7-24 - 8-15.doc


Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAJOR 1-of-1's Already Pulled From Obak

The nostalgia, history, and quirkiness of the new Tristar Obak "History of the Game" product continues to grow on me. I am probably going to pick up a second box before hunting singles to finish the base and mini sets. While on eBay tonight I was very surprised to see three major cut signatures have already been pulled. While I am not in love with the design, the black and white photos on the vibrant backgrounds are growing on me and while these cuts will never measure up to the beautifully designed cards from SP Legendary Cuts, there is no denying that these are some highly coveted autographs from some of baseballs legendary names.

Satchel Paige
Current listing

Connie Mack
Current listing

Eddie Cicotte
Current listing

Monday, August 9, 2010

The National- Cliff Notes Version Part 1

Attendance- Final numbers are not in, but, even a smaller venue than last year could not hide the often spars crowd. However, the autograph pavilion seemed routinely crowded as Tristar delivered another impressive lineup of guests. There were obvious organizational issues as a result of the more confined space that made locating the various lines, attendees needed to queue up in, less distinct and instead melding into a hodge-podge of humanity. By mid-day Sunday the crowd was pretty light. A scrimmage by the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday surely drew some potential weekend attendees as well.

Read the rest.

The 31st National and Baltimore Road Trip Image Gallery

Better Than A Tweet Up- Marie From A Cardboard Problem and I Chat at The National

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back From The Blitzkreig of Baltimore

I'm tired. After 3 days at The National that included evening side trips to the Sports Legends Museum, an Aberdeen Ironbirds game, and a Orioles/White Sox game, I'm glad to be home. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast. I saw some priceless memorabilia, met some fellow bloggers face to face, interviewed several industry people, knocked off most of my National want list, made some new contacts, shot several hours of video, took countless pictures, busted endless amounts of product, and enjoyed the companionship of my partners from Card Corner Club.
In the coming days you can check our YouTube Channel, for new posts throughout the week as we edit the raw footage. Look for the following segments with and about:

- Interview with former player and hardcore, highend ,vintage rookie card collector Dimitri Young. (He has a '54 Hank Aaron in a PSA 10 and only collects 10's)
- A discussion with Marie from A Cardboard Problem on her thoughts of the Topps Panel and her first National.

- Interview with Michael Mader, Social Media Director for Topps.

- A sitdown with Tracy Hackler.

- A live box break of Panini Court Kings with Scott Prusha

- A lengthy conversation with Dr. Brian Price from Sportkings, ITG and Creative Cardboard Concepts.
- An engaging conversation with a dealer from upstate New York, who got his start as the country's largest Starting Line Up retailer.

- A heated debate with a passionate collector about the validity of Santa Claus autographs

- A Q&A with Paul Madden, renowned sports artist, most recognized as the artist behind Sport Kings.

- A chat with Chris Gilmore on the success of Freedom Cardboard.

In the coming days, also look for, video highlights of Donruss Classic and Tristar Obak. A review of Tristar TNA Icons, photo galleries from the show floor, the Sports Legends Museum, and Ripken Stadium.

I'll also have a complete piece recapping The National. But for now I will close with an open ended question. What's wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Quintessential "Shoeless" Joe Jackson Collection

Otherwise known as, "Items I Will Never Own". I continue to marvel at the remarkable career of Shoeless Joe Jackson, while at the same time being completely disheartened by his exclusion from Cooperstown. More a victim than a villain, the naive, gullible, and illeterate Jackson, was caught up in circumstances at the wrong place at the wrong time and was found guilty by association in the infamous Black Sox Scandal of 1919.

I have a small personal collection of Shoeless Joe Jackson cards and memorabilia, most notably his famed 2001 SP Legendary Cuts game used bat card. If money were no object, the following items would be must have pieces for any Joe Jackson player collection.

1) 1914 Cracker Jack

2) 1940 Play Ball

3) 1919 W514

4) 1914 B18 Felt Blanket
(Currently Available on eBay)

5) 2001 SP Legendary Cuts Game Used Bat

Local Mainstream Media Covers The National

Monday, August 2, 2010

How Will The Hobby Media Respond When the Feds Crash The National?

An article in the NY Daily News over the weekend hinted at ensuing indictments being handed down by a grand jury that has heard evidence resulting from an ongoing investigation headed by the Chicago office of the FBI. Targeted are dealers, authenticators, and auction houses within the sports memorabilia industry for their alleged involvement in illegal business practices including shill and rigged bidding, forgery, mail and wire fraud, card doctoring, and collusion to name a few of the accusations.

At a time when The Hobby, as a whole, is reveling in the targeted success of decreased manufacturers, licenses, and products in the market place, coupled with strong demand for new cards on the hype of Washington National's Stephen Strasburg, this pending spectacle is the last thing The Hobby wants but it is EXACTLY what it needs. A niche market like sports cards and memorabilia that generates billions of dollars per year is incapable of policing itself. An annual, central gathering place, for the now defunct Mastro Auctions and other potentially investigated parties, launches this week in Baltimore, MD., as the 31st National Sports Collector's Convention kicks off. The FBI has made it clear with two prior investigations (Operation Bullpen and Operation Foul Ball ) that they will no longer turn a blind eye to The Industry side of The Hobby that uses such aforementioned business practices to deceive and defraud collectors, sports fans, and the public.

A calculated, highly visible raid on The National may seem far fetched to some, but what better way to send a message to industry peers and The Hobby's consumer base as a whole that previously tolerated behavior will no longer be accepted. Collectors and dealers have operated on a basis of trust for several years and it is quite obvious that trust has been taken advantage of and misplaced. The growing pains collectors have been feeling with a reduction in brands, devalued prices for non-graded vintage material and other natural machinations of a contracting industry will be further compounded in the memorabilia and graded card categories as these are the items in which most auction houses involve themselves with.

If events transpire in Baltimore to make front page news this weekend, how will the established Hobby Media react to this? Will they downplay the events for the sake of protecting relationships with established advertisers or will they have your best interests in mind and provide a detailed listing of the companies and individuals accused, charged, and arrested and on what counts?

If these events do go down, I will be sorry for the negative attention our beloved hobby will receive in mainstream media, but I will be very happy for collectors, knowing that a giant step has been made in cleaning up the shenanigans behind the curtain.