Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back From The Blitzkreig of Baltimore

I'm tired. After 3 days at The National that included evening side trips to the Sports Legends Museum, an Aberdeen Ironbirds game, and a Orioles/White Sox game, I'm glad to be home. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast. I saw some priceless memorabilia, met some fellow bloggers face to face, interviewed several industry people, knocked off most of my National want list, made some new contacts, shot several hours of video, took countless pictures, busted endless amounts of product, and enjoyed the companionship of my partners from Card Corner Club.
In the coming days you can check our YouTube Channel, for new posts throughout the week as we edit the raw footage. Look for the following segments with and about:

- Interview with former player and hardcore, highend ,vintage rookie card collector Dimitri Young. (He has a '54 Hank Aaron in a PSA 10 and only collects 10's)
- A discussion with Marie from A Cardboard Problem on her thoughts of the Topps Panel and her first National.

- Interview with Michael Mader, Social Media Director for Topps.

- A sitdown with Tracy Hackler.

- A live box break of Panini Court Kings with Scott Prusha

- A lengthy conversation with Dr. Brian Price from Sportkings, ITG and Creative Cardboard Concepts.
- An engaging conversation with a dealer from upstate New York, who got his start as the country's largest Starting Line Up retailer.

- A heated debate with a passionate collector about the validity of Santa Claus autographs

- A Q&A with Paul Madden, renowned sports artist, most recognized as the artist behind Sport Kings.

- A chat with Chris Gilmore on the success of Freedom Cardboard.

In the coming days, also look for, video highlights of Donruss Classic and Tristar Obak. A review of Tristar TNA Icons, photo galleries from the show floor, the Sports Legends Museum, and Ripken Stadium.

I'll also have a complete piece recapping The National. But for now I will close with an open ended question. What's wrong with this picture?


dogfacedgremlin said...

Wow!! That's a ton of content to look forward too. Can't wait for some great stuff.

Oh, and that picture...Nothing is wrong...if in fact that is the feeder box for a pitching machine.

Paul said...

The Mays ball and the Bonds ball appear to be the same price...boooooooo.

Thorzul said...

Those balls are going commando. Nothing worse than loose balls, I tells ya.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the dealer piece, love Starting Line-ups.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

My guess is that everyone of those balls is totally bogus. I was amazed at the brashness of the dealer and when attempting to get an answer to the question of why they were priced so low, he just ignored me.

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