Monday, August 9, 2010

The National- Cliff Notes Version Part 1

Attendance- Final numbers are not in, but, even a smaller venue than last year could not hide the often spars crowd. However, the autograph pavilion seemed routinely crowded as Tristar delivered another impressive lineup of guests. There were obvious organizational issues as a result of the more confined space that made locating the various lines, attendees needed to queue up in, less distinct and instead melding into a hodge-podge of humanity. By mid-day Sunday the crowd was pretty light. A scrimmage by the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday surely drew some potential weekend attendees as well.

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mfw13 said...

Maybe if they held the National someplace other than Baltimore, Cleveland, or Chicago every now and then attendance might be higher.

Right now it's no more than a glorified schmooze-fest for people in the Northeast. For anyone living west of the Mississippi its pretty much a non-event.

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