Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Hits- Thoughts on Recent Releases, Previews and Other Nonsense

Magic Football looks GREAT!! Depending on what the pack-out configuration and price point end up being, this could be a HUGE hit for Topps. Incorporating the use of painted images is always something I like. If the preview images they released on their Facebook page today, are truly indicative of the checklist as a whole this could be a real step up for Topps

Tribute- Dynasties & Rivalries Edition- Is a freakin’ mess. The $250 per box price tag is so over the top it makes me wonder, what if any thought process went into this product at all. Oh the numerous problems. Let us count the ways. First, NO product at this price point should contain single color, ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, single color jersey swatches EVER! Unfortunately Tribute delivers it in droves. Second, no product at this price point should be using sticker autographs, if at all possible. If it cannot be avoided, they certainly shouldn't be using shiny stickers that detract from the gloss of the super premium card stock, leaving you with sun spots in your eyes from the glare. Third, somebody tell me what in the hell card of The Tortoise and The Hare, David and Goliath, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid are doing in a $50 per pack product? I get that in their own ways the are “rivalries” but WHO CARES! Get them out of our $50 packs.

Leaf Rookies & Stars- What is the point of a product like this if you can open an ENTIRE case and not pull one, not one, high profile rookie card of Tebow, Claussen and the like? Well it happened. Ask @IAmJoeCollector for the link. Forget the fact that the designs look as if they were formulated from cutting up old designs and piecing them back together.

Leaf Certified Football- Some of the cards looks actually look pretty nice. Others make my eyes bleed and dizzy. Like this one.

What this means for collectors is an over-priced product that will be very hit and miss and give you vertigo while you are opening packs due to the horrible use of angles, lines, mirroring etc that apparently, Certified is all about.

Tristar Obak- The design is simple, quirky and not for everyone. The black and white player images on an often psychedelically colored background a trippy and kind of growing on me. Maybe it's all the mind altering substances I used to consume before I started collecting again. In all seriousness, I applaud their effort at including people who truly were part of "The History of the Game". Not for everyone I know but I like it.

So Razor is now Leaf. Does anybody care? Didn’t think so. It is quite the coup for Brian Grey though. The Leaf name still has brand equity in the marketplace but as part of the deal to acquire it, he had to give up any and all baseball products. Not exactly sure of the legal mumbo-jumbo and fine print but time will tell what he plans for this iconic brand.

I wish I had the kind of money Sports Card Girl apparently does to blow on wax. I really like what she is doing on her blog. She seems very generous and admit it guys, she's pretty easy on the eyes.

Panini’s “exclusive” signing of rookies, being the sole licensee for NBA trading cards, isn’t really news. Is it? When you are the only game in town, isn't it kind of redundant? Or is this merely a cardboard form of preemptive cock-blocking?


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