Monday, September 13, 2010

If I Wanted Topps Attax Cards I'd Buy Them

That was my first thought about 2010 Topps Football.

2010 Topps Attax Football packs out with, . . . . wait a minute. This is a review for 2010 Topps Football, their annual flagship release, not Attax. It’s easy to get confused though when 10% of the cards pulled are not in fact Topps Football base or insert cards but instead from a separate product entirely. This is a repeat of the overt cross marketing Topps pulled in baseball and last year in football. As recently as 2008 Topps Football packed-out with 10 legit cards and then included a Ticket To ToppsTown card. Did they really think without changing the price that collectors wouldn’t notice that they are essentially paying for 36 cards of garbage? This is the type of gimmicky underhandedness that drives collectors crazy, once aware of the less than ethical practice.

I couldn’t do an honest review of this product without getting that out of the way first.

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